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Bourgoin Pineau is coming from a fortification of ugni blanc must and fine cognacs from the Fins Bois. Thirst-quenching, this white pineau des Charentes will surprise you as it is fresh, light and so very elegantly tasty. The key aroma note at the heart of this golden liquid, being the red apricot from the Roussillon region. The fortification is achieved right by the start of the fermentation. It will then be aged for 12 months in second-hand casks infused with very old cognacs. A 4 years journey will then start to invert the natural sugars, in a stainless-steel vat. Bourgoin Pineau is differentiating itself from other pineau’s thanks to its balanced acidity an and unique mouthfeel. Hand bottled, no filtration, no addition. 

Drink in the year of opening.



ORIGIN AOC Cognac, France

MAKER Bourgoin Cognac

GRAPES Ugni Blanc



Cognac Bourgoin is a family estate located in the village of Saint Saturnin, in Charente. It has existed since 1933, when Leon Marcel Bourgoin traveled to the area for vintage and fell in love with his boss’s daughter. He then decided to put down roots in the area, literally, planting vines of Ugni Blanc that had arrived in France via Italy (there called Trebbiano) after phylloxera had decimated much of the local rootstock.

Fast forward a few generations to the present and you’ll find Frederic, Leon Marcel’s grandson, humbly and proudly continuing the family’s Cognac production. This generation, however, has decided to shake things up. After selling to larger Cognac brands for years, the family bravely chose to create their own house style, one that focused on putting nature and mankind back at the heart of the Cognac making process. The result has been a resounding success, selling to scores of Michelin star restaurants and even the prestigious Elysée Palace.

The Bourgoin Cognac journey is one which starts and finishes on the clay, limestone and alluvial soils of the estate. The grapes are grown organically, harvested, vinified with indigenous yeasts, distilled and bottled entirely by hand, all on site, allowing the family to closely monitor the tiny 20,000 bottles they make per year. Production is done entirely without the use of sulphur, colouring or added sugar at any stage. Furthermore, these Cognacs are produced without blending or filtration.

The precision of this approach is purely expressed in the single vintage and terroir cuvees, with the additional option of cask cuvees.


We are so excited to be able to bring a small amount of this incredible Cognac to Australia, sharing the heart of Cognac with these vibrant, artisanal expressions.