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Meet Skelly. Our Skelly Collection is totally unique and different. Skelly celebrates two major components of Mexican culture: tequila and calaveras (skulls). Inspired by Dia de Los Muertos and Mexico’s ongoing celebration of departed loved one’s, skeletons are a staple of Mexican aesthetics.

Much like our Talavera Collection, our Skelly bottles are crafted by local Mexican artisans. Each beautiful ceramic bottle is individually crafted and painted by hand. Each one also comes with a little extra flair, like an authentic miniature mariachi hat, or a straw hat representative of the hard work of the Jimadores that make our tequila experience possible.



Aged over two years in fine French oak barrels, this masterpiece is the proud winner of a Double-Gold Medal from SFWS. Its briny opening aroma; more time in the glass allows a peppery almost gum-like, biscuits perfume to develop. Sweet palate entry shows roasted peppers and pineapple tastes. Then the mid-palate showcases luscious flavors of chocolate, orange and sugar cookies. Aftertaste is sweet, sugary and long. This is the choice of the most sophisticated consumers searching for the full-body obtained from the more dominant wooden essence.



Azulejos Tequila was founded over 27 years ago by Pedro Quintanilla, who was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico. From a young age he showed an affinity for appreciating art, particularly that inspired by the bright and vivid colors of his homeland. 

As he grew, so did his passion for a different Mexican art form, that of exquisite tequilas. 

He felt a conviction to spread his passions and the beauty of Mexican Culture, thus the concept of Azulejos Tequila was born. 

Quintanilla searched Jalisco for the finest agaves and the most experienced master distillers to craft an extremely smooth, fine, premium world-class tequila that was a piece of art as much inside as it was on the outside. He was committed to maintaining the rich history of the ancient process of tequila production and to uphold the traditions. 

Azulejos is also committed to honor and support the hard work and artistic abilities of the artisans who hand-paint each bottle separately from the Talavera, Masterpiece and Trophy Collections. Our hand-blown glass bottles are not only crafted by hand by local workers but are also made from recycled glass to minimize our environmental footprint.

In 2018, Pedro Quintanilla passed away and left the legacy of Azulejos to his wife Linda Quintanilla. Since then, Azulejos has been a female owned and run tequila company. In his memory, Linda has pushed forward Pedro’s final passion project, Tequila Gran Alambique.