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This organic Monastrell grape is fresh and elegant. With quite a complex aroma of rose, cherry, wax and sweet liquorice. Young and juicy, the flavour of cherry and herbs. Dry with medium length having a soft ending.


ORIGIN Jumilla, Murcia, Spain

MAKER Parajes del Valle

GRAPES 100% Monastrell

PAIRING Fantastic at your next barbeque as it pairs with grilled/smokey dishes such as lamb, pork with a hearty slight acidic sauce. Cheese such as a smoked gouda or aged provolone will be yum. 


“What would become of us if our vines were abandoned due to their low productivity? Some call us romantics, but we believe that we are simply children of our land and our past.” Parajes del Valle. 

Parajes del Valle organic Monastrell wine comes from vineyards under a continental climate with Mediterranean influences, cold winters and extremely warm summers, with barely 300 litres of rain a year, the dryness of the Jumilla PDO is one of the most rigorous in Spain. The Monastrell grape vineyards are located between 600 and 700 meters altitude, with sandy soils over limestone. They are vines of about 15 – 30 years old that produce balanced grapes with the right acidity.

“Vines that know how to overcome hard times, and have come out strengthened over the years.”

The harvest is always done by hand, always in an ecological way, with full respect for traditions and the know-how of the local growers. This safeguards the maximum quality of each fruit. The way of making wine in this winery has a clear inspiration: respect for their environment.

“We carry out traditional viticulture because we follow, from the deepest of our hearts, the guidelines that history has given to us: our land taught us to love the wine.”

The alcoholic and malolactic conversion is carried out in concrete tanks, giving the wine a unique taste, and reaching the highest quality in wintertime, running a stabilization with hardly any human interaction. This process provides a fruity wine, with all the local land feelings and freshness.

“Sometimes a simple scent is enough to transport us to our childhood, to our grandparents’ house, to the schoolyard or to our first kiss. It is the magic of sensations, which bring infinite ideas and feelings together in our brain; smells and flavours that give our mind a wonderful walk. A range of perceptions that release our senses and make us travel through our memories, until a unique moment. That is the magic of a good book. And, of course, a good wine.” Parajes del Valle.